About the ICSB Foundation

The ICSB Foundation provides funding for practical research and applied actions that increase the creation of enduring small or medium size enterprises [SMEs]. The ICSB Foundation integrates both academic and experience-based knowledge that supports individual entrepreneurs, government leaders,and local communities. We offer Requests for Proposals to develop substantive-pertinent training for industries and markets that fit the technologies of the 21s' Century. In the second decade of this 21s' Century, the ICSB Foundation will fund research that creates workable and practical business models for the complex industries and markets that will thrive and create employment. We seek and financially support research and training designs for existing and nascent entrepreneurs leading to new SMEs. In addition the ICSB Foundation is a catalyst and financial backer of practical employee skill development for the "new" economy.We call for and encourage the development of creative and meaningful training designs/workshops that fit our Mission. We seek partnerships with community colleges, ethical and efficacious training organizations, and entrepreneurial individuals capable of mentoring nascent entrepreneurs. The ICSB Foundation principals have and will continue to focus its funding efforts on [a] the creation of potentially long-standing entrepreneurial SMEs and [b] "solutions" to the worldwide unemployment and underemployment of young people including college graduates.


The ICSB Foundation seeks to support both serial and nascent entrepreneurs to create durable, growing, and economically successful SMEs through the integration of mentoring, education/training, and sharing of empirically-based guidelines. A high priority is to enhance the economic and employment opportunities for all populations with a particular focus on skill training for the young unemployed populations of the world.


A worldwide population of entrepreneurs who support their communities through employment, community development, and appropriate support for people who need education, training, and mentoring for starting SMEs and to prepare people for complex careers.



G. Dale Meyer, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado – Boulder USA
Founder and Chairman, Western Partners Worldwide
[Division: The Meyer Group Inc.]


Educational Credentials

B.S.and B.A. Northwestern University: Economics, Psychology, and Philosophy
M.S. Northern Illinois University, Economics, Philosophy of Science, Social Psychology
Ph.D. University of Iowa, Behavioral Economics, Philosophy

Teacher, Researcher, Professor, Entrepreneur

Professor - University of Colorado – Boulder from 1969 – August 2004, with leaves of absence while founding and building three highly successful entrepreneurial companies. Before the Ph.D. taught for three years in a ChicagoHigh School and part-time in the evening MBA program at San Francisco State University. Publications include 2 books and 127-refereed academic articles, plus over 100 papers at professional meetings. Publications from mid-1980s focus on entrepreneurship. Founder and Executive Director of the entrepreneurship program and the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at Colorado. Created the first-ever Ph.D. program in strategy and entrepreneurship. Overall student ratings in 35 years at the University of Colorado – average 3.95 on the 4.0 evaluation scale. Won eight teaching excellence awards from both the University of Colorado and external organizations and associations from 1970 to 2004. Awarded lifetime career title: President’s Teaching Scholar, system-wide designation at the University of Colorado and the Hazel Barnes Prize for career excellence in both teaching and research. First and only b-school professor to receive this honor.


Active in professional associations: Academy of Management [18,000 members worldwide] Past Chair, Entrepreneurship Division, won Mentor Award for service to doctoral students; Past President of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship [USASBE] and winner of the Max Wortman Lifetime Achievement Award; Past President and current Board member of the International Council for Small Business [ICSB]. Named a Wilford White Fellow of ICSB. Chair of many committees of numerous professional associations.

Worldwide Youth Unemployment

From 2004 to present Dr. Meyer continues as CEO of The Meyer Group, Inc. and Chairman of its Western Partners Worldwide Division [Wpw]. Since 2005, he has developed Wpw’s “youth unemployment” initiative focusing primarily on 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region. He created and implemented an efficient “no fluff” copyrighted six-week mentoring/training workshop “From Concept and Beyond” [C-S-B©]. Upon completing this Workshop participants have “up-and-running” a new small business or nonprofit enterprise [SME]. Presently Wpw is working with several USA community colleges implementing the concept of “youth employment through SME creation.” Wpw plans to add South America and ASEAN countries to its mentoring/training domain.